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IS200/IS300 (1999-2005)

The Lexus IS series (XE10) came on the market in 1999 as an IS200 model with the 2 liter 6 cylinder.
In 2001 the IS00 came out with a 3 liter 6 cylinder variant, there was also a station wagon version of the IS called the SportCross.

The IS200 is powered by a 1G-FE motor, and the IS300 by a 2JZ-GE motor.

We supply both new and used parts for the Lexus IS series. We regularly dismantle cars for parts and these parts are then placed here on the site.

At the moment we are still busy adding parts to the website and not all categories are available yet.

We supply many parts for the IS200 and IS300, which are divided into the following categories: