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LED Lighting

On this page you can find all standard LED lamps that we offer. LED lights for canbus vehicles are on the other page.
We have our own line of LED lighting that we also use and test ourselves. The lights are part of our Ride Round Select range

To make it a bit clearer, this page is divided into types of lights.

What is the difference between SMD, COB and Cree?

LEDs come in different types. The different types are indicated in our advertisements.
Globally, there are two types of SMD and COB. COB is a newer type and is characterized by the fact that the LEDs in the chip are much closer together. With SMD they are less close together and the amount of light is therefore slightly less.
SMD LEDs are indicated by a number and that is the size of the chip.
Then there are Cree LEDs. These are LEDs from an American company. These LEDs are often even more modern and powerful.