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Auris E15 (2007-2012)

The Auris is the successor of the Corolla E12 and appeared in showrooms in 2007, initially in the Netherlands alongside the Corolla sedan that was later no longer sold in the Netherlands.
In Australia, the Auris was still sold under the name Corolla.
The Auris was never made into a sporty version as was the case with the Corolla E12.
The Auris came with a 1.4 vvti, (which was later replaced by the 1.33 dual vvti)1.6 dual vvti and 3 Diesel models, a 1.4 D4D, 2.0 D4D and the 2.2 D4D D-CAT
from 2010 came the Auris Full Hybrid.
In 2010 there was also a facelift for the auris with different bumpers, lighting and interior updates.

For the Auris E15 we supply various parts that are divided into the following categories: