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Competition Clutch Ultralight steel flywheel ZZ motors

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Competition Clutch forged steel flywheel weighs just over 4kg, making it the lightest steel flywheel for the ZZ engines available.

This ensures:
– faster throttle response
– Easier whole-toe downshifting
– faster acceleration (especially noticeable in low gears)

Weight: (see last 2 photos)
Competition Clutch: 4200g (average)
Original Toyota: 7300g

Ideal suitable for street and racing use.
Works with both standard clutches and sport/race clutches

Long service life due to the chromoly steel construction.
Just like the standard flywheel, it can be flattened when mounted for the next clutch.

Suitable for the following engines:
– 1ZZ-FE
– 3ZZ-FE
– 4ZZ-FE

Suitable for the following Toyota and Lotus models:
– Toyota Avensis 1.8 vvti 2003-2009
– Toyota Auris 1.4 vvti 2007-2008
– Toyota Celica 1.8 vvti 1999-2005
– Toyota Corolla 1.4 vvti 2001-2007
– Toyota Corolla 1.6 vvti 2001-2007
– Toyota Corolla Verso 1.6 vvti 2004-2009
– Toyota Corolla Verso 1.8 vvti 2004-2009
– Toyota MR2 1.8 vvti 1999-2005
– Toyota RAV4 1.8 vvti 2000-2007
– Lotus Elise S 2006-2010

The last 2 are a comparison in terms of weight between the standard steel flywheel and the Competition Clutch lightweight steel version.


Additional information

Weight4,5 kg
Dimensions40 × 37 × 6 cm