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Ferrea Competition Plus 2ZZ-GE Valve Set (16 pieces)

610,00 incl. btw

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Set of 8 inlet and 8 exhaust valves.
Standard size, suitable for all 2ZZ-GE engines.

Intake valves are made of high quality stainless steel, the exhaust valves are made of 3rd generation inconel.

These are the best valves available for the 2ZZ-GE engines.
They are the most forgiving valves in case of wrong shifting (over revs) a slight misshift causes bent valves instead of broken, saving the rest of the engine from damage.

The inconel exhaust valves have a very high tolerance to heat and are extremely suitable for turbo and supercharger applications.

Material properties:
– valve seat life increased by 25%
– High temperature tensile strength increased by 0%
– Metal fatigue resistance increased by 20%

Suitable for the following models:
– Celica T-Sport 2000-2006
– Corolla T-Sport 2002-2005
– Corolla T-Sport Compressor 2005-2007
And also for the following Lotus models:
– Lotus Elise 111R 2004-2006
– Lotus Elise R 2006-2010
– Lotus Elise SC 2008-2010
– Lotus Exige 2004-2008
– Lotus Exige S 2006-2013
– Lotus Exige 260 Cup 2011-2013
– Lotus 2-Eleven 2007-2010

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 10 cm