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GFB G-Force III Boost Controller


The latest version of the GFB G-Force boost controller has the ability to measure and display your fuel/air mixture (AFR) by connecting it to the analog output of most wideband Lambda sensors (such as the AEM UEGO, Innovate LC-2 etc) (Lambda sensor not included here with the boost controller)
The advantage of this is that you do not need a separate ARF meter in the car but it can also protect your car, a poor fuel mixture on high boost can destroy your engine within seconds and a separate AFR meter is then almost useless since under these conditions you concentrate on the road (as it should be) and not on a meter.
The G-Force III protects you against this by reducing the turbo pressure to a minimum and visibly flashing the screen.

It doesn’t matter if your car is used daily or is a pure track car, the G-Force III has the options to set the boost to what you want.

The display color is adjustable to fit your interior as well as possible and the G-Force III has 6 adjustable boost settings

• For boost pressure up to 50psi (3.45bar, 345kpa)
• Adjustable maximum pressure, rise rate, and closed-loop correction
• Adjustable in psi, bar, or kpa
• 6 boost presets, individually adjustable
• Unique “scramble” function
• Peak boost recall function
• Fuel/air ratio display in AFR or Lambda value (when paired with a Wideband Lambda probe)
• Separately adjustable overboost and arm loop warning (boost cut)
• 6 Adjustable colors on touchscreen
• auxiliary input to switch boost presets or activate scramble
• 1/2 din size fits in radio frame.
•Comes with a Mac 3 port solenoid



The last photos are installed photos but here the protective film is still on the screen (with air bubbles under foil and matter image)

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 7 cm