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Interior filter Celica / Prius / Yaris

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Toyota interior filter for the Toyota Celica T23, Prius and Yaris (Japanese production)

One of the most forgotten parts during a service is the interior filter, because it has nothing to do with the engine itself, the filter is often not replaced or because it is not known that the car has 1.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

It is advisable to replace the cabin filter with a new one every year to keep the air in the cabin clean and fresh.

Suitable for:
– Toyota Celica 1.8 vvti 1999-2006
– Toyota Celica T-Sport 2000-2006
– Toyota Prius 1.5 HSD 2004-2009
– Toyota Yaris 1.0 vvti 1999-2005
– Toyota Yaris 1.3 vvti 2000-2003
– Toyota Yaris T-Sport 2001-2005

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