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IOS OBDII readout module (New)


New RRS OBDII readout module that is suitable for IPhone, IPad and other Apple products as well as Android and Windows phones and tablets.
Handy tool to have in the car, because of the small size easy to carry and store in the car.

Module to be able to read the car on error codes or view Live data.
The module is connected to the OBDII port in the dashboard and read via phone, tablet or laptop. In the event of an engine management failure, the error code can be read out.
The system is read via Wi-Fi and therefore compatible with almost all systems. Ideal for IPhone or IPad.

format: 78 x 45 mm
Working in almost all cars with an OBDII connection.
Compatible with IPhone, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Software is not included. We recommend the Torque app. This can be downloaded from the Playstore or Appstore. In the Playstore it is free.

Via the module in combination with the Torque app, error codes can be read and deleted.

And also viewing live data such as:
Cooling water temperature
Throttle position
Air inlet temperature
Fuel pressure
Lambda sensor voltage
And almost all the functions that that car has a sensor for.

We recommend that you do not simply clear error codes before the problem is solved.

We have tested this module for customers with an IPhone.
We chose this one because the module is easy to use and provides all the necessary information needed and is compatible with multiple phones and tablets.

What is RRS
RRS stands for Ride Round Select, these are the best replacement parts (not original Toyota) available
We are big Toyota enthusiasts and these are selected parts that we have tested ourselves in our own cars and meet our strict requirements.
We offer these parts as an ideal way to reduce costs without compromising on quality, fit and lifespan.

Additional information

Weight0,05 kg
Dimensions10 × 7 × 3 cm