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K&N crankcase filter 14mm


K&N crankcase vent filter, connection diameter 14mm.

Crankcase vent filters ensure that the oil vapors that come with the crankcase pressure do not go back into the engine and are burned.
These can be mounted directly on the valve cover but also connected to a catch can, so that all oil is neatly collected.

With a turbo or supercharger conversion, it is necessary to no longer connect the crankcase vent to the manifold or to the throttle because the pressure then goes into the crankcase and creates an overpressure there and can thus cause major problems.
And then this K&N filter is a simple and effective solution.

Perfect fit for the 2ZZ-GE and the front connection of the 1ZZ, 3ZZ and 4ZZ-FE mototren.

Also suitable for many catch cans.

Suitable for the following engines: (Tested)
– 1ZZ-FE
– 2ZZ-GE
– 3ZZ-FE
– 4ZZ-FE

Additional information

Weight0,046 kg
Dimensions16 × 11 × 5 cm