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Blitz LMP Toyota Celica (T16 T18) MR2 (SW20) Carina, Camry, RAV4

64,50 incl. btw

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The LM Panel filters are replacement filters for the standard
air filter bio, these have the same fit as the standard OEM
filter alone allows the Blitz LM filter for better airflow to
the engine, this with a high filtering of the air.

In addition, the Blitz LM Panel filters are also very
Interestingly priced, with prices sometimes even lower than the
dealer for a standard filter asks.

Suitable for:
– Celica ST162, ST182, ST183 (2.0 3S-GE engine)
– Celica GT4, ST165, ST185 (2.o Turbo 3S-GTE engine)
– MR2 SW20, (3S-FE, 3S-GE & 3S-GTE engines)
– Carina E GTi (ST191) 3S-GE engine
– Corolla GTi (AE92) 4A-GE engine
– Levin SC (AE92) 4A-GZE engine
– Camry (SV30 and SV40) 1VZ-FE and 4VZ-FE engines
– Rav4 (SXA10 and SXA11) 3S-FE, 3S-GE engines

Additional information

Weight0,4 kg
Dimensions32 × 21 × 7 cm