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Mishimoto Racing Radiator MR2 Roadster

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The Toyota MR2 is ideal for engine upgrades and modifications that add more power to the engine.
With upgraded parts comes more power but also more heat, the more power the more heat.
Which means you need high quality cooling products.
Many overlook this part.
By replacing the standard MR2 radiator with a Mishimoto Performance aluminum radiator, you will notice that the cooler running engine works more efficiently.

All Mishimoto Performance radiators are designed for maximum cooling efficiency (up to 30% more) to prevent overheating and improve engine performance.

– Dual core
– 100% aluminium
– polished end tanks

The installation of a Mishimoto radiator is effortless due to the perfect OEM fit, no adjustments needed!

Suitable for:
– Toyota MR2 Roadster 1999-2006

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