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MWR Fuel Rail + FPR + Return Line (New)

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The MWR Fuel Rail with Fuel Pressure Regulator and Return Line.

This kit is especially for high power Turbo and supercharger engines. The standard fuel rail is a returnless system and simply cannot keep up with the demand for fuel, which can cause severe poor walking.

This set ensures a better fuel supply and stable fuel pressure, it also gives a luxurious and professional look under the hood.
For a simpler installation but still an upgrade over the standard fuel rail, we supply the standard MWR fuel rail without pressure regulator and return line.

– A top of the line AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) for proper fuel pressure adjustment
– 1:1 Boost ratio, this keeps it the more boost the more fuel
– The fuel rail ensures almost no pressure loss, and perfect distribution between the cylinders and has been tested up to 700 Hp.
– Easier adjustment of large injectors because the pressure is reduced during idle and not full throttle situations.
– Large capacity and large flow and dampens the fuel pulses that can cause poor walking.
– Fits directly to the standard fuel supply
– Connection for fuel pressure sensor


Comes with:
– 3 high quality Aeroquip stainless steel pipes including return pipe.
– Aluminum AN fittings.
– Complete fuel rail with MWR logo
– AEM Pressure Regulator
– Mounting material

This set works with standard Injectors, MWR, RC and other Toyota style injectors.

Suitable for:
– Celica T-Sport 2000-2006
– Corolla T-Sport 2002-2005
– Corolla T-Sport Compressor 2005-2007
– Lotus Elise 111R 2004-2006
– Lotus Elise R 2006-2010
– Lotus Elise SC 2008-2010
– Lotus Exige 2004-2008
– Lotus Exige S 2006-2013
– Lotus Exige 260 Cup 2011-2013
– Lotus 2-Eleven 2007-2010

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