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PPE 2ZZ-GE long runner exhaust manifold

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PPE long runner manifold for the 2ZZ-GE engine without air injection.

PPE Race manifolds are made of mild stainless steel and the perfectly curved tubes ensure optimal torque and power curve from the middle area
This ensures a considerable gain in the middle area and at the top of the revs. Something that can be felt on the street and on the track

All Mild stainless steel parts of PPE have a ceramic coating that not only ensures that the parts do not rust, but also lowers the engine compartment temperature and is resistant to temperatures up to more than 700 ÂșC

The manifold comes with an extra flange and flexible piece for installation on the original middle part, which must then be shortened to size and the flange etc welded on.

For cars with Air injection, the version with Air injection ports is better suited.
This manifold is especially suitable if the air injection system is already switched off, is not present or a stand alone or JDM ECU is used.

Suitable for:
– Toyota Celica T-Sport 2000-2006
– Toyota Corolla T-Sport 2002-2004
– Toyota Corolla T-Sport Compressor 2005-2007

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions80 × 36 × 30 cm