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RRS pulley multi-belt tensioner (New)

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New RRS Multieriem tensioner pulley for the ZZ engines.
The pulley of the multi-belt tensioner is a part that sometimes wants to be worn out and then starts to make noise.

Toyota does not supply loose pulleys and is the only option to buy a complete tensioner.
Fortunately, we do deliver the pulleys loose and you save a lot of money that way.

There are 2 different versions of tensioners for the ZZ motors., the later models of the tensioner for the 1ZZ 3ZZ and 4ZZ use a different pulley.

On photo 4 you can see the model tensioner for which this pulley is suitable.
If in doubt, feel free to contact us.

For the following engines:
– 1ZZ-FE
– 2ZZ-GE
– 3ZZ-FE
– 4ZZ-FE

Suitable for:
– Toyota Avensis 1.6 vvti 2000-2002
– Toyota Avensis 1.8 vvti 2000-2002
– Toyota Avensis 1.8 vvti 2003-2007
– Toyota Celica 1.8 vvti 1999-2005
– Toyota Celica T-Sport 2000-2005
– Toyota Corolla 1.4 vvti 2001-2007
– Toyota Corolla 1.6 vvti 2001-2007
– Toyota Corolla T-Sport 2002-2005
– Toyota Corolla T-Sport Compressor 2005-2007
– Toyota Corolla Verso 1.6 vvti 2004-2009
– Toyota Corolla Verso 1.8 vvti 2004-2009
– Toyota MR2 Roadster 1999-2005
– Toyota RAV4 1.8 vvti 2000-2005
And also for the following Lotus models:
– Lotus Elise S 2007-2010
– Lotus Elise 111R 2004-2006
– Lotus Elise R 2006-2010
– Lotus Elise SC 2008-2010
– Lotus Exige 2004-2008
– Lotus Exige S 2006-2013
– Lotus Exige 260 Cup 2011-2013
– Lotus 2-Eleven 2007-2010


What is RRS
RRS stands for Ride Round Select, these are the best replacement parts (not original Toyota) available
We are big Toyota enthusiasts and these are selected parts that we have tested ourselves in our own cars and meet our strict requirements.
We offer these parts as an ideal way to reduce costs without compromising on quality, fit and lifespan.

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